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Innovative smart system offering reliable safety solutions for housing complexes

The best about working with Futurehome is the support they give us if we get stuck on a problem. The few couple of times we had a need for their support, we got it the same day. Futurehome is very easy to install and work with, so support is not something we need often. That means our installers likes working with the products and helps us sell more.

Kenn Otto Wulvik
Installer - Bravida Trondheim

Our customers have been very positive towards the smart home solutions from Futurehome when we show them how easy and cheap it is to use, install and expand in our showroom. In the future the amount of smart devices will grow into the billions and that’s why we have chosen a smart home provider that ties everything into one system. That makes life easier for us and for our customers.

Jadarhus Bygg

Futurehome is easy to install compared to other systems we have experience with. That means we spend less time as installers, when we install Futurehome, it makes us more efficient. There really isn’t any programming in Futurehome, it’s more about adding devices to the app during the installation. The fact that Futurehome is simple to use is true for us as well as our customers. The userfriendliness of Futurehome helps us reach more customers, because the barrier to entry for users to understand the system is so low.

Terje Sandve
Installer - M&G Elektro AS


Safe system offers new value for housing complexes, connecting safety solutions with modern technology creating a smart and safe environment for both residents and board members.

Safe is a collective service in the Smart Building category of futurehome built for housing complexes, board members and their residents

Safe connects Smart Smoke Detectors wirelessly across common areas and apartments, minimising the need for costly wiring and giving the board full control

Safe uses market leading futurehome Smart Smoke detectors that have the most amount of sensors that enables early detection while also notifying the residents by voice

Safe alerts residents and board members via mobile if there is and incident, and contacts the alarm central automatically which can dispatch the fire department if needed

Safe is installed professionally by futurehome and the users is onboarded

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Safe is truly unique in that it's the only fire Safety system built on a state-of-the art IoT platform, which provides unrivalled functionality, simple installation and ease of use


Safe is highly competitive in price due to the wireless technology reducing installation cost at compared to traditional wired fire alarm systems, giving you more for less


Safe is in the Smart Building category of futurehome and is therefore an appreciating asset that will offer even more to the customer as the category evolves through innovative software

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“We had a contract with other company where they did yearly controls of our alarms and extinguishers, this was a big cost and we didn’t feel that the service was very beneficial to us. For that reason we ended the contract. That being said, it is a big job for the board to keep track of the fire safety themselves. Even if you give all the residents batteries and remind them of the importance of a functioning smoke detector, you have no guarantee that the batteries will end up in the smoke detector and not in the remote control for the TV. And when you live in an apartment building, it is not just about your own safety. If you don’t take this seriously, it can have big consequences for a lot of people”
Per Morten Ellewsen - Board Leader of Kastanjeveien


Is Safe compliant with Fire Safety regulations?
Can Safe be delivered to a New Build Project?
What information will the board have access to in the Safe Control App?
Can Safe be purchased by an individual?
What's the cost of the Safe service?