Get to know StrømKontroll (available in Norway) and the new in-app panel for a smart energy management.

simpler, safer, smarter home

Easy to get started, easier to expand. futurehome protects your home and simplifies your everyday life, so you can focus on what’s important.

Take control with one app

Our smarthome app lets you control all your home from one intuitive app. From electronic locks to heating and lights.

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The heart and brain of your home. Creates a powerful network of your favourite devices.

Supported system

protects, simplifies and makes your everyday life a lot smarter

What if there’s a fire at the cabin?
How much does it cost to charge my car?
Are the children arrived home yet?
Do we have a leak behind the washer?
Control everything.

Lights, heating, doors, garages and many more.

Safer not just smarter.

Detect fires or water leakages to prevent damages in your home.

Secure for sure.

Get notified when your family arrived.


Your home runs automatically even without internet. Monitor multiple properties from a single app.

Get notified.

You get notifications on important events from your home. See all events on the timeline


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Our customers love what we do

Very happy with Futurehome's app, simple and intuitive, at the same time as it is advanced and offers most of what you want from a smart home system. But the reason you should choose Futurehome as your smart home provider is the customer service. It is in a class of its own!

I recently divorced and took care of my 2-year-old son alone. We just moved into our new apartment and started our new life. To make everyday life easier, I have installed a smart dimmer in all light switches. The motion sensor automatically turns the lights on and off in some rooms, and I have installed an electronic Door Lock to open the door myself. I installed all of these in IFTTT so I can manage the apartment with my voice using Google Home.

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Take a look at our support page You will find there articles that can help you solve your most common smart home related problems.