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futurehome Smart makes developing new greenhomes affordable and easy to navigate for the average property developer, while placing the end-user in focus providing comfortable living
Verkshagen housing complex in Verksbyen, Fredrikstad. This project named Future Living is entirely equipped with futurehome products and services

Our market leading smarthome platform offer unique capabilities for the home and residents including Climate, Lighting, Security, Safety, Energy, Appliances, Media and more

Our service for newbuilds enables large scale deployment and management of smarthomes through our end-to-end project, delivery and service model

We outfit every household with our latest smarthub, configure all the smart devices, prepare the futurehome app and onboard the user to the service

The service is managed collectively creating foundations for synergies between the smarthome and the smartbuilding, while also radically simplifying support and service for the residents

Our smarthome is built on our market leading IoT platform which is capable of intelligently connecting to the power grid and enable energy flexibility, saving billions in infrastructure and optimising energy within the greenhome

The service increases security within the household through digital access control, monitoring, insights and smart notifications

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A Smart contract with futurehome is the first step to making your new builds green, comfortable and secure, enabling a higher ESG standard and customer satisfaction


The smarthome is built on the same futurehome IoT platform as our smartbuilding offerings, creating unrivalled synergies and customer value

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futurehome is the modern day housing complex expert, providing end-to-end value chains to support the professionals and end-users from project start to management

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“An important part of our “Future Living” focus is smart homes. Smart houses are clearly an important part of the living standard of the future and are part of the solution to the climate crisis. We conducted thorough research both in Norway and internationally before we chose Telia with Futurehome. We chose them because they are the leading smart home company in Norway and they deliver a product that focuses on technology, ease of use and a working service network"
Ruben Hansen - CEO Arca Nova


Can Smart be purchased as a service for a private home?
Are there any minimum requirements for purchasing Smart?
When in the planning process should you sign a Smart contract with futurehome?
As a developer, how much added cost should be expected when upgrading from traditional to smart households?
As a developer, how much time contribution during the project phase is needed to make the apartments smart?
What's included in the service?
When is it too late to choose Smart?
What if we sign today and technology needs changes closer to when we build the project and deliver the households?
Is the electric installation behind the walls based differently with Smart than traditional?