Welcome to your new Futurehome

Setting up futurehome is quick and easy. It starts with the Smarthub and the App that controls it. When this is up and running you can start adding your smart wireless devices that really makes your home come to life.

Get started now by following the simple steps below:

Step 1

Connect your new Smarthub to a network and power using the cables that comes in the box, make sure the network has internet access. The Smarthub will boot automatically when power is connected.

Tip: Install the Smarthub somewhere central in your home, to provides the best radio coverage to wireless home automation devices.

Step 2

Download the futurehome app from the App Store or Google Play. Next you create an account or alternatively sign in if you already have an account.

You will now be prompted to create your first site. If this is not your first Futurehome, you can create a new site from the settings menu. Input the required details and press next.

Step 3

Now press the 'Add Smarthub' button located on the main screen of your new site.

Add your new Smarthub to the site by scanning the QR code located on the bottom side of the Smarthub. Alternatively you can type in the unique ID that is located under the QR code.

If you have an olders Smarthub without QR code, then please follow this guide.

Step 4

You new site and Smarthub are now configured and you are ready to start adding smart devices to your home.

Each device and manufacturer have a slightly different pairing process. You should check the device specification to understand if it is based on Z-Wave or ZigBee radio technology and how you initiate pairing of the device. You should also check the database at products.futurehome.io to see if the device is supported by futurehome.


At support.futurehome.no you will find a wide range of articles related to pairing and configuring devices supported by futurehome.

For a more in-depth guide on features, settings and use of futurehome, please see this article.

Easily set the right mood with light and color control.

Add smart locks and motion sensors for peace of mind when you are away.

A water-leakage sensor can be a smart sensor to install under the dishwasher, water boiler and other areas where the risk of water leakages are high. It will give you an early warning and you can prevent the further damages.

Smart smoke alarms will not only sound the alarm, but notify your phone that smoke has been detected.

Easy to use climate and temperature control.

The dashboard provides overview and easy access to all rooms and devices.

Ready to get started?

Need help?

Take a look at our support page support.futurehome.no. You will find there articles that can help you solve your most common smart home related problems.