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The most complete and cost-effective charging solution on the market

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How much does Futurehome Charge cost?

Futurehome Charge

  • Installation
  • Supports Wi-Fi, Zigbee and Bluetooth
  • All functions for charger, plus
  • Smart home features
  • Smart power management
  • Ready for the house heating control
  • Control of water heater
  • Pre-approved by Enova
Futurehome Charge + Smart Charging Futurehome Charge kr 18.458
installation included – kr 6.560 Enova grant (35% total cost)

* Recommended final price in campaign period after 35% Enova subsidy including standard installation package (installed in Norway).

The market’s most complete charging solution

We want to give you full control over your electricity consumption. Therefore, we consider the overall picture of how all energy in your home is interconnected.

With Futurehome Charge and our power management system, you can control your electric vehicle charging based on electricity prices and peak demand to reduce your electricity costs. You can also adjust consumption with load and phase balancing for fast charging without tripping any circuit breakers.

Making everything work together

Futurehome Charge is a power smart, safe, and future-proof electric vehicle charger that integrates with your other smart devices, giving you complete control over your electricity consumption. Just plug in your car, and the consumption is automatically balanced to be used efficiently, helping you save on electricity expenses every day.

Making everything work together

Safe charging

Futurehome Charge is a safe and feature-rich electric vehicle charger designed for Nordic conditions. It has been developed in accordance with European standards in collaboration with industry experts, tested, and certified by the renowned certification body TÜV Rheinland.
Futurehome Charge is built with cutting-edge technology and is equipped with a range of safety features and sensors to ensure secure charging. You can rest assured that Futurehome Charge takes care of your safety, every day.

Safe charging Background element

Packed with smart technology

Futurehome Charge is packed with modern technology, while being extremely easy to use. It allows you to easily start and stop charging via the Futurehome app, and you can gain insights and charging sessions automatically take advantage of lower electricity prices.

Packed with smart technology Background element
Charging your vehicle fast

Charging your vehicle fast

High charging power combined with Power Balancing and Phase Balancing makes the charging fast and efficient.

Smart savings

Smart savings

Futurehome Charger enables Smart Charging System that continuously optimises due to the spot energy prices and green tariffs.

Over The Air Updates

Over The Air Updates

Remote system updates makes the Futurehome Charger always packed with the newest features.

Load and Phase Balancing

Understand how Smart Charging can secure and optimise your charging session.

Advanced settings of maximum capacity for the whole power and each phase circuit ensure speed, reliability and efficiency of charging.


Futurehome Smart Charging makes it all even better!

We've thought of all the practicalities. Futurehome Smart Charging offers an intelligent power management system that gives you an overview and control of the large power consumption in your home.

To reduce your electricity bill as effectively as possible, it's important to both reduce electricity consumption during the most expensive hours of the day and try to spread your electricity consumption over several hours. This way, you not only reduce the electricity price you pay, but also your grid rental.

This way you get smart, efficient and hassle-free charging adapted to your electric car and your household's energy needs.


Pre-approved by Enova

To receive support for smart electricity management, which Enova calls a price and power-controlled energy storage system, you need a system that automatically regulates electricity consumption at times of the day when electricity is cheapest.

For example, if you connect an electric car charger, hot water tank or underfloor heating to a smart power management system, Enova will subsidise the measure by up to NOK 10,000 or 35%.

Futurehome offers such a system, which in combination with an electric car charger and other energy sources in the house, fulfills the requirements for applying for support for smart power management. Read more here about how to apply for Enova grant.

How much does Futurehome Charge cost?

Futurehome Charge

  • Installation
  • Supports Wi-Fi, Zigbee and Bluetooth
  • All functions for charger, plus
  • Smart home features
  • Smart power management
  • Ready for the house heating control
  • Control of water heater
  • Pre-approved by Enova
Futurehome Charge + Smart Charging Futurehome Charge kr 18.458
installation included – kr 6.560 Enova grant (35% total cost)

* Recommended final price in campaign period after 35% Enova subsidy including standard installation package (installed in Norway).

Technical details

Futurehome Charge is a smart solution for charging electric cars thanks to the following features.

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400V~ | 50Hz | 3-phase /
230V~ | 50Hz | 1 phase
Grounding system: TN, TT, IT
Overvoltage class: OVC III

Built-in RDC-DD -
I∆DC=6mA ∆DC
Upstream fuse and RCD:
Type A (required per charger)
Type B is not needed

Charging parameters

Max output power: 32A/22kW or 230V~ | 50Hz | 1-phase | Max. 32A/7.4kW
Charging outlet number: 1
Socket: Socket with cover, Type 2
Energy meter: Electronic energy metering (+/- 2%)
Internal temperature monitor: Internal monitoring and adjustment/derating

Smart interaction

Standalone -> Non connected charger
Zigbee -> Futurehome Smarthub
WiFi -> Futurehome Smarthub
WiFi -> OCPP backend
*Methods b-d require a working internet connection
Interface/Identification: App, NFC*

Interfaces: Bluetooth, WiFi & Zigbee
Status indicator: LED ring
Remote diagnosis and updates: Supported when device is connected to the internet
*NFC functionality will be supported in a future update.

Energy management

Adjustable charging current: Supported
Dynamic load balancing: Available if connected to Futurehome  hub and HAN sensor.
Optimized charging sessions (Avoid peak hours): Supported, Futurehome hub
and HAN required.
Phase balancing/switching: Dynamic switching of active phase(s), Futurehome hub and HAN required.


Ingress protection: IP 54
Body structure: Backplate, cover, one-click mounted internal charger module
Body material: Plastic housing + Plastic cover
Impact resistance: IK10
Total weight: 3kg
Physical dimensions (DxWxH): 260x260x112 mm
Cooling method: Natural/passive cooling
Installation method: Mounting on a wall or pedestal
Cable management: Cable can be coiled into 2~3 coils on the upper-back part of the charger housing

Environment Requirement

Operating temperature: -30~50°C
Storage temperature: -40~85°C
Humidity tolerances: 5%~95%
Max. Altitude: 2000m
Operating noise: <50dB
Applicable placement: Indoor/outdoor
Warranty: 24 months upon installation

Regulatory Standards

Does Futurehome Charge comply with IEC 62955?

Futurehome charge has been tested and certified according to EN IEC 61851-1 and IEC 62955. Futurehome Charge has an integrated RDC-DD protection mechanism that provides full protection against DC earth faults exceeding 6 mA. The charger can be installed without the need for additional B-protection on the circuit.

Future-proof protocols

Futurehome utilises protocols designed for today's needs, while making your home ready for the future.

Futurehome Charge supports, among other things, the industry standard OCPP 1.6 so that the charger can be connected directly to other service providers for charging electric cars. You can therefore combine Futurehome Charge with other EV chargers such as Easee, Zaptec or Defa.



OCPP 1.6


We've summarized the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our newest addition to the product family, the Futurehome Charge.

What is Futurehome Charge?

Futurehome Charge is a smart, safe and future-proof EV charger from Futurehome. Developed and designed in Norway, and intended for home charging for all types of electric cars. It's packed with modern technology and easy to use. When connected to the Futurehome platform, you will get full control over your energy consumption at home. 

What features does it have?

- 22 kW charging power
- Single and three-phase charging 
- Full dynamic load and phase balancing when connected with Smarthub
- Wifi and ZigBee connectivity for smart control 
- Supports the industry standard OCPP 1.6 (Open Charge Point Protocol) 1.6 
directly in the charger

What sets Futurehome Charge apart from the rest of the other EV chargers in the market?  

The Futurehome ecosystem. EVs are one of the biggest electric loads in the home, and when you combine the charger with smart power management systems from Futurehome, you get full control over the consumption, and can therefore balance the load to avoid power outages and power peaks.

What makes it "smart"?

Futurehome Charge is based on open standards within the smart home and talks seamlessly with other electrical and energy-consuming appliances. Futurehome Charge adapts to the household's power consumption to avoid overloading, charging the car when it's most convenient or pausing other appliances when charging is most important. Futurehome Charge systemized with Futurehome Strømkontroll ensures that you only charge when electricity is cheapest.
Strømkontroll also ensures that the power peak is kept down so that you don't charge more than necessary on your electricity bill. As a customer, all you need to do is plug in the charging socket and Futurehome will take care of the rest, ensuring that you save on your electricity costs every single day.

What about RCD protection?

Futurehome Charge is installed with a Type A RCD at the front and has built-in RCD for both AC and DC. This means that Futurehome Charge protects you from several types of earth faults and performs regular self-checks to ensure that the RCD is functioning properly. 

How do I order it and when will it be made available?

Futurehome Charge can be ordered via our website or installation partners/electricians. Preview information and sign up to receive more information about Futurehome Charge can be found here.

What is the recommended retail price?

Futurehome Charge has a recommended retail price of 6995 NOK. This is the price without installation. If you want the price including installation, we recommend contacting your nearest electrician.