We believe electricians are the experts in smart home solutions

You know your customers. You know their homes. So we want to give you, electricians, the best tools to learn more and become Futurehome installers.

We cooperate with the best in the industry

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We are working with various electrician chains across the Nordics. To get started with Futurehome products and energy solutions, please fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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We give customers the possibility to choose the most convenient way to install our smart home and energy products. One of them is a map where they can locate professional installers – electricians who knows Futurehome. See if you are already there.

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Feedback from our professional installers network

“Our customers have been very positive towards the smart home solutions from Futurehome when we show them how easy and cheap it is to use, install and expand in our showroom.”


Jadarhus Bygg
Jadarhus Gruppen AS

“The best thing about working with Futurehome is the support they give us if we get stuck on a problem”


Kenn Otto Wulvik
Installer – Bravida Trondheim

“Futurehome is easy to install compared to other systems we have experience with.”


Terje Sandve
Installer – M&G Elektro AS

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