Join the green shift - get up to 15,000 NOK in support

The future is about energy saving.

Enovas new grant supports investments in smart energy control. Smile when you get up to 15 000 kroners from Enova when upgrading your home! Read more about the product solutions below.

1. Smart energy management

Enova will subsidize up to 10 000 kroners when you invest in smart electricity control! With a control system, energy usage sensor and at least two loads you can both decrease your usage, save money and get money back on your investment, while you also get a smarter, more comfortable home.

2. Smart water boiler

Enova will subsidize up to 5 000 kroners when you invest in a smart water boiler! A smart water boiler is on average
3 000 - 5 000 kroners more expensive than a regular one, so with Enovas subsidies you can even make money!

You just need to do 4 steps to get Enova grant!

Buy the smart products that satisfy Enovas requirements. 
Get everything installed by a professional.
Take a few minutes to apply for the support from Enova. 
Get up to 15 000 kroners back within a few days.


The Green Revolution gives us the power!
Get to know our new ENOVA package:
StrømKontroll™ (available in Norway)


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we joined an installation

We recently joined an installation of smart Connecte devices to see how it went. The two cabin owners were also going to apply for support from Enova. Read about how the installation went and how the two cabin owners can now apply for Enova support.

how to get Enova support?

How can a singular home get up to 15 000 kroners in subsidies from Enova? Well by making their home smart! Enova has created an easy solution for people who want to make their home smart, or those who recently has made it smart, to get subsidies when these solutions are energy efficient. Read more about how you can apply in our most recent blog post.

The little smart electricity guide

The first step to start saving is to read our electricity guide. You can read our best tips to save energy. Sign up to get our electricity guide and information about our new packages.


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