2022 summary – energy prices, StrømKontroll and more!

2022 was an important year for Futurehome. We reached many big goals through the year and developed with a high pace! With an increasing focus on smart energy control and sustainability, our direction and goals developed and became even more clear. After a lot of positive feedback in 2022, we are even more motivated moving into 2023! Here are some of the major topics from our industry and some of our highlights from 2022.

Electricity prices and flexibility

The energy prices have been a big subject throughout 2022. As we all know the prices have varied a lot throughout the year. To put it in context; based on the most expensive day compared to the cheapest day you could use up to 8,63kr more per kilowatt-hour on hour on the most expensive days.

‍We saw multiple other trends related to the energy prices in 2022. The cheapest hour on average was between 03:00 and 04:00 in all of the zones in the country, while the most expensive hours were between 08:00-09:00, 09:00-10:00, 16:00-17:00 and 19:00-20:00 in the different zones. These hours match quite well with when we could expect higher and lower prices, considering when people go to work, come home from work and other factors in our life.

The average has varied through the different months, but the last months the price has increased in all areas, reaching record highs in some areas and and general high levels in other areas. See our visualization of the average price per month in the different zones.

Electricity prices, average, cheap and expensive hours and so on is a lot to take in. There are many numbers to look at and zones to consider. Below we have made an overview of some of the key numbers when it comes to the electricity prices in 2022.

StrømKontroll was released to the market!

In order to take proper control of the electricity prices and your consumption, we launched StrømKontroll in June, a solution that has been important to many in this time of varying electricity prices and large differences during the day. We have worked hard to develop a solution in the form of a product package that contains products for efficient energy usage. We have since worked to improve this solution and other solutions that our existing customers already have. This will also be one of our biggest focuses in 2023.

To follow up the launch of StrømKontroll, we launched spot-price automation in June. That way, you could set up automations based on the electricity price that switches off or on different devices in your home based on what the electricity price is in relation to the rest of the day.

In order to give our users even more control over their electricity consumption in relation to electricity prices, we launched the StrømKontroll panel in October. This panel allows you to take control of energy consumption directly in the Futurehome app. By activating the panel, power consumption is controlled in a smart way, completely automatically. You only need to enter your preferences and activate the panel.

A big focus on smart energy management has meant that we have focused even more on the benefits of StrømKontroll. We developed a calculator this summer to help people find out how much they can actually save on smart energy management. The calculator has been developed in collaboration with Smart Innovation Norway. You can find the calculator here: https://kalkulator.stromkontroll.no

Fusion with Connecte

The launch of StrømKontroll was important to specify our direction even more, but this project would not have been possible without us merging with Connecte in May. With this merger, we at Futurehome now have even more focus on hardware and can have an even closer relationship with the products we sell and the integrations with the various products. We can directly influence the solutions that come to the market and the possibilities with the specific products from all points of view.

Training of electricians

In 2022, due to our increased focus on hardware and installation products, we entered into a partnership with, among others, Onninen and Elkjøp. These became two important partners throughout the year and have given us good communication with many installers. After a greater focus on installation products, we have also paid even more attention to installers. We have provided more material and information, and developed several courses for those installers who want to learn even more about Futurehome. We also hope that this has meant that the installers customers meet know even more about Futurehome.

Expanded focus on support

At the same time as the customer base and the company have grown, there has been a growing need for greater and better customer service. We launched a new self-help page at the end of 2022, and around the same time we partnered with Teleperformance to strengthen our support team. In this way, we were able to expand the team to assist even more customers, while the information to help yourself was more readily available. These two initiatives, together with more training for electricians, have meant that we have gained a more holistic approach to our customers’ experiences with our products and solutions.

With 2022 in retrospect, we see how much smart power management and electricity prices have characterized the year. Our solutions have made a difference for many in the past year, but we are still working on further developing the products and services to make a difference in even more homes. We want to thank you for your support and patience in 2022 and appreciate all your feedback that has helped us make our solutions even better. We have big goals for 2023 and look forward to bringing you along on the journey!

Happy New Year!

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