The smart home revolution

Home automation systems emerged in the 1960s, but the first smart homes were inaccessible to most. A decade ago, we founded Futurehome to make smart homes accessible to everyone. And we succeeded.

A smart home for the people

No need to rebuild your house — our smart home solution is cost-efficient, easy to install, and future-proof. Expand, control, and share your smart home system wirelessly with your family through Futurehome. Simple.


Core smart home devices

The Futurehome system supports different smart home/IoT (Internet of Things) products. However, our main focus is on our own line of Futurehome devices.  


Innovative software

Our software is continuously improved by expert in-house product and software teams. We work to make your smart home accessible from the app or through automations. Anytime. Anywhere. 

Our smart home can do more than you think

Improve your security, safety and comfort with access control, fire alarms and loads of other devices or sensors. Prepare your home for the future with potential expansions and new inventions. A better life waits ahead. 


Full control over the security

Keep your home secure at all times. Be in complete control of your home and your belongings while you’re away.


Safer home for your loved ones

Stay notified whenever the smart fire alarm is triggered and prevent potential damage to you, your loved ones and your home.


Higher level of comfort

Adjust the heating, turn off your lights or disconnect your iron from anywhere. Set up modes and automations directly from the app to allow for seamless smart home experiences.

Futurehome app,
all within one touch

Remotely control every aspect of your smart home from one intuitive app. Anytime. Anywhere. 


Supported systems

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Smart energy is the key to the future

Smart homes are even smarter with good energy solutions. Our smart home system reacts to energy spot prices and keeps your hourly consumption below a set threshold while keeping your home comfortable.

Learn more about smart energy

Futurehome Smarthub,
the brain of your smart home

It’s here to make the smart things happen. Control your smart home with ease through Futurehome Smarthub. With future-proof technology, Smarthub stays compatible with various solutions and devices.


Smart devices,
personalised experience

Connect your smart devices from Futurehome or other smart home companies through IoT industry standard protocols (Zigbee, Z-wave) to create your own custom-made smart home solution. Check out the full list below.

Supported systems
and products

Our system support Futurehome products, as well as selected smart home devices and integrations. Our system works with Phillips Hue, Ikea, Tibber, Fibaro, Heat-it, Elko, Easee, Zaptek, Defa, and many more.

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Find out how much you can save with Smart Energy Management – try the StrømKontroll™ calculator (Norwegian)

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I have more than halved my consumption compared to last year with the help of Futurehome and Tibber. The next plan is a new smart water heater that will go into my Futurehome.


Simon from Viken

I use Futurehome to control all of my sockets, lights, thermostats and doorlock. No problems so far except a product being out of range, easily fixed with adding a product (zigbee) between to increase range.

Client from Appstore

Valuable solution
We have used the futurehome solution for about one year with only positive experices. It gives us insight into our us of electicity and saves money and the environment (less kWh).

Christine from Appstore

Talk to an electrician to get started with Futurehome

Installers and electricians are experts in smart energy and smart homes. Most of our devices and systems can be easily installed by any electrician. For more advanced setups we recommend installation from an expert – a Futurehome Partner Installer. Find the ones we trust.

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