Technology that changes the smart energy and smart home industry

Embrace the changes. Get started with just a Futurehome Smarthub and an internet connection.

We design our own hardware devices and code our own software

A perfect synergy between hardware and software. All designed in-house.


Futurehome Smarthub and our custom devices are the basis of our innovation

Our core products are the centre of our solutions. Developing these smart energy products in-house provides a perfect hardware basis for our software solutions.


The Futurehome App knows everything about our own devices

The app is created by people at Futurehome with extensive knowledge of our products. Enjoy a seamless experience with all Futurehome solutions.

Smarthub II, our latest invention

In 2022 we introduced an IoT device to control the home of the future.

Smarthub Model

Our classic design, elevated

With a beautifully sleek design, our Smarthub II is a step up from its predecessor. With a thinner base and future-proof integrations, Smarthub II is ready to bring your home into the green shift.

Smarthub Model Background element

State-of-the-art processors

The new Smarthub II works faster with its new quad-core 64-bit CPU. This allows for faster processing power and a smoother synergy between the hardware and software.

Smarthub Board Background element
2x Faster Processing

2x faster processing

Smarthub II is more than two times faster than its predecessor and allows for faster modes and automations processing and other smart energy adjustments in the Futurehome app.

2x Storage

2x storage

Smarthub II has twice the storage of its smart home predecessor and is able to process more information at once. 

Encrypted communication

Improved IoT network

With Smarthub II we upgraded to Zigbee 3.0 and Z-wave 700 – the most advanced IoT technologies. Better range, IoT network quality, stability and response time. 


Enjoy a smarter home through expansions. Install a smart water boiler, EV charger, and connect your speakers. Expand your smart house and create the ultimate smart home experience.

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Security module

The security module is an addition to Futurehome Smarthub II, its LTE connection keeps things running when you need it the most.

Smarthub Model Background element

Future-proof protocols

Futurehome communicates with current and future protocols, keeping your smart home ready for the future.



Futurehome thermostats, sockets, HAN sensors and more communicate through Zigbee. Futurehome Smarthub II also communicates with many other Zigbee devices.



The Futurehome Smarthub also communicates with many Z-wave devices. Our own mode switch, for example, runs on the Z-wave protocol.


Matter ready

Futurehome covers all of the main IoT protocols. Futurehome Smarthub II is Matter ready, and you can soon integrate Matter products into the Futurehome system. 

Futurehome app,
all within one touch

Remotely control every aspect of your smart home from one intuitive app. Anytime. Anywhere. 


Supported systems

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Enjoy the same functionalities on Apple and Android

No more discrepancies between Apple and Android. Our front end is designed in Flutter, a newer technology where changes made are applied to both the Apple and Android apps. Enjoy the same functionalities no matter what device you have.


Trusted language and secure infrastructure

Our backend is created with Golang, a modern and fresh programming language that is designed and curated by Google. Our infrastructure is hosted on AWS, the most reliable and robust servers in the world, keeping our solution safe and secure.


Make your home truly smart with automations

Futurehome Smarthubs and their connected products work by themselves locally and through the app, but the most seamless smart home experience comes from automations. Allow your smart home to run by itself.


Custom-made integrations

Connect even more devices to your smart home through Playground. Connect your Easee, Defa or Zaptec EV chargers, your Sonos or Bose speakers, your mill or Adax ovens or many more.

Product discovery cycle

Our future is open and inclusive and our smart home system is designed to accommodate third-party products, applications, and integrations.


How we approach safe technology

Enjoy the benefits of the latest technologies without sacrificing your own data safety or security. 


Privacy first

We deeply care about our users' privacy, and we store as little data as possible. With fog computing, we aim to reduce the amount of data transferred to the cloud for processing, analysis, and storage.

We manage and store most of your data locally in your Smarthub to improve your privacy and user experience. This technology allows us to improve efficiency and security to a level that was not possible with the old “cloud-only” approach.


Create your own apps

Futurehome provides you with the opportunities to develop your own apps and features within our system. Create and run them locally on your Futurehome Smarthubs or share them with the community. Read more about how we enable advanced users via Thingsplex, our own developer UI.

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Meet the API for
a connected future

Imagine a future where most homes are smart, where entire communities are interconnected. A future where we can cooperate across multiple systems to optimise local energy distribution and share key incidents like fire, water leakage, and burglar alerts.

A system based
on openness

At Futurehome, we believe the future belongs to open systems that can connect to third-party products and applications. We developed our system based on Z-wave and Zigbee, the two most popular open standards in the smart home industry.


Have a technology-related issue?

Technology can improve our lives, but it can also be tricky to navigate. If you ever experience an issue with our system or have something you are wondering about, take a look at our support pages.

Visit our support page
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