A few years ago, smart energy was just an idea

Even though it was possible, the cost outweighed the savings, which is why houses with smart energy were unimaginable to most. This is now changing, and Futurehome is a big part of that change.

We are making the change happen

Smart energy needs unique solutions – with both hardware and software working together.


We invent devices that save money on energy bills

Norwegian design and state-of-the-art security protocols. Our smart devices communicate with the Futurehome system and optimise your energy usage. The products work alongside our software to make your energy consumption sustainable. 


We design software solutions for the energy transition

Gain control over your smart home to unleash the full potential of smart energy. Lower your grid rent costs by setting a maximum threshold — have your system automatically react to higher energy prices and optimise everything for you.


Top Norwegian smart energy solution.

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Smart energy makes a real difference in your home

About 60% of your electricity bill goes to heating and about 20% to the water boiler. Being able to control these appliances through smart energy solutions will significantly help reduce your energy spendings. Savings may vary based on your households energy efficiency and installed products.




Lower heating cost




Lower hot water cost


EV charger


Lower EV charging cost


Save on spot prices

Use energy when it is cheaper. Our smart energy solutions use electricity when spot prices are lower and help you save money on electricity bills. 


Avoid exceeding your energy threshold

Lower and optimise your grid rent costs by avoiding energy peaks. Our smart energy solutions will distribute the energy loads and avoid drawing too much electricity during any given hour.


Less consumption — More savings

Our smart energy solutions optimise the consumption between devices and stop using energy when it is not needed. Witness the visible changes on your electricity bills.


Detailed data on your energy consumption

View and analyse your exact energy usage in terms of heaters, EV chargers, water boilers and other devices in your home. 

Find out how much you can save with Smart Energy Management – try the StrømKontroll™ calculator (Norwegian)

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Futurehome app,
all within one touch

Remotely control every aspect of your smart home from one intuitive app. Anytime. Anywhere. 


Supported systems

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I have more than halved my consumption compared to last year with the help of Futurehome and Tibber. The next plan is a new smart water heater that will go into my Futurehome.


Simon from Viken

I use Futurehome to control all of my sockets, lights, thermostats and doorlock. No problems so far except a product being out of range, easily fixed with adding a product (zigbee) between to increase range.

Client from Appstore

Valuable solution
We have used the futurehome solution for about one year with only positive experices. It gives us insight into our us of electicity and saves money and the environment (less kWh).

Christine from Appstore

Talk to an electrician to get started with Futurehome

Installers and electricians are experts in smart energy and smart homes. Most of our devices and systems can be easily installed by any electrician. For more advanced setups we recommend installation from an expert – a Futurehome Partner Installer. Find the ones we trust.

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