30 “do it yourself” devices for a smarter home

We gathered 30 smart devices you can install by yourself, everything from devices for smart heating, light og access control. Check out the whole video here:

The brain of the smart home

The Smarthub is the brain of your smart hemn er hjernen i ditt smarte hjem og forener produkter og løsninger fra flere forskjellige leverandører i en og samme app. Dette kan du sette opp helt selv, i tillegg til Smarthuben trenger du bare internett og strøm for å komme i gang.

Three types of devices we have focused on

The Smarthub can communicate with three different types of devices, primarily Z-wave and Zigbee products, but also selected Wifi-devices through Playground integrations.

“Do it yourself” – smart lighting

There are multiple solutions to chose between when installing smart lighting yourself. You can chose light bulbs from IKEA Trådfri and Phillips Hue or producers like Aeotec and Namron. From these producers you will find different products for different needs. First look for the Zigbee or Z-wave logo on the smart bulbs you are considering buying and check products.futurehome.io if the product is supported.

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If you are looking for that extra touch we recommend installing a LED strip light under cabinets, along lists or under the kitchen bench. You can easily install the LES strip lights yourself, control them from the Futurehome app and add automations based on your daily routines.

Many people might have more smart devices in the home than they think, this might also be true for you. If you have some smart bulbs from Phillips Hue laying around you can add them to the Futurehome app (Smarthub is needed).

“Do it yourself” – smart heating

With Futurehome you can install multiple different solutions for smart heating. The first thing we might think about is electric radiators, we have both the modern version and the older version.

Modern and old electric radiators

Mill is a typical modern version that comes with smart management built in. If you set up a Mill electric radiator at home you can connect it to the Futurehome app through Playground.

If you have another type of oven you can control this in a smart way through a wall plug, a motion sensor and a door- and window sensor for each radiator you wish to control in each room. When this is connected you can control your electric radiator through the app or automatically based on the temperature in the room and the of day.

Netatmo weather station

Control your temperature based on Netatmo weather station. With Netatmo weather station installed you can control the heat based on indoor temperature. You can do this by connecting Netatmo to Futurehome in Playground.

Smart radiator thermostat

If you have a radiator as the heating source in your residence, you can buy a Danfoss or Fibaro radiator thermostat. This can easily be installed by twisting off the old termostat and exchanging it with the new smart thermostat. When you have connected it to Futurehome you can control the temperature from the app, set up time settings and let the sensors in the room adjust the radiator based off temperature.

The wireless thermostat

Heatit is a wireless thermostat that you can set up in your residence to turn the heating up or down. If you have set up a small heat management system with some electric radiators you can use this thermostat to adjust the temperature in the room.

Smart remote for the heating pump

Med en Sensibo Sky kan du styre varmepumpa rett fra mobilen og koble den til Futurehome gjennom Playground. Den plasseres enkelt ved siden av varmepumpen din i dag, så du slipper å bruke den fysiske fjernkontrollen.

With a Sensible Sky you can control your heating pump directly from your phone and connect it to Futurehome through Playground. You simply place it next to your heating pump, and the whole system will be controlled through your phone.

“Do it yourself” – smart safety and security

Many people wish for smart safety and security solutions, but do not really know where they should start. We recommend getting started with motion sensors and door- and window sensors. With this you can easily get notified through the app if the window in the kids room isn’t closed or it motion is detected in the living room when you are not home.

A simple protection

With door- and window sensors in your first floor, you will get notified if someone opens or closes a window when you are not home. For this you can use Sensitive strips, Fibaro door. and window sensors or other door- and window sensors.

Get notified if there is a water leak

Water leaks can be very expensive, so getting notified through the app and a siren if one occurs can be crucial. We can recommend our own Futurehome water leak sensor or Fibaros Flood Sensor. The biggest difference is that our own has a low line that you can connect to the sensor and lay down around the areas you want it to cover. If the line gets in contact with water you will get notified.

Install an extra siren

Many people want an extra siren connected to their smart home. You can for example get started with an Aeotec Gen 5 siren. With this connected you could set up automations that will set off the siren when motion is detected and you aren’t home. This would also be great if there is a water leak sensor in the basement and would be harder to hear the siren.

Smart fire alarms

The battery driven smart fire alarms from Futurehome can be set up by yourself. It will detect fires, has an optic and a thermal sensor, as well as carbon monoxide detection. This allows you to detect electrical fires up to 2 hours earlier than with normal optical sensors. The speech function makes it almost as efficient as a mothers voice when it comes to waking up children.

“Do it yourself” – smart access control

There are multiple options for smart access control for your home. You can for example install ID Lock and Danalock by yourself, but that requires that you’re not afraid to try and fail a bit. Of the two devices, Danalock with Danapad is the easiest to install on your own. The feeling of a keyless everyday life is not far away.

Both locks have built in methods to get into the home in the case that the products run out of battery. With Danalock you can still use an existent key and on ID Lock there are 2 poles where you can use a 9V batteri to get life in your lock and get in and thereby change batteries.

Voice control of your home

Voice control is more and more popular. Talking to your devices and giving commandos to your house has for many become very natural . “Hey Google! Play my favorite playlist on Spotify!” With Futurehome in your house you can easily include your Google Home and change modes, turn off and on lights or adjust the heating in your residence. If you have a car with Google integrated you can even ask Google to change to home mode on your way home.

Make your life easier with the mode switch

What about the mode switch? One of the most popular products apart from the Smarthub. That way you can easily change between home, away, vacation and night mode. Press the button and the mode will be changed to your desired settings. The home button can be adjusted to turn the heating and lights in, the away mode can make your heating go down and lights go off. This is also a family friendly device that lets your whole family take part of the smart home experience.

Where can you buy all these smart home devices?

All of these devices can be purchased at different electronics stores like Elkjøp, Power, Kjell & Company, Elektroimportøren or IKEA for example and of course in our own Futurehome webshop.

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