Finally the StrømKontroll panel is in the app!

Controlling your power consumption is important when prices are high and vary as much as they do today. By changing your habits, you can reduce your electricity bill and consumption, but it is not always that easy to adjust this when you are in the middle of your everyday life. Should the children wait a few hours after football practice to shower? Should dinner be eaten at 4 p.m.? Do you have to get up at 4:00 a.m. to turn on the heat before you sleep for another couple of hours? With a truly smart home, you won’t have to do all this. The house will do it for you and do it based on the electricity price.

Imagine a house where the heating is turned on before you get up so that it doesn’t heat up at the same time as everyone else uses electricity, everyone can shower when it suits them without having to think about when electricity is the most expensive, and everything is based on the spot price so that consumption is optimized according to the lowest price of the day, while consumption is limited to your own determined maximum power threshold. This way you don’t use unnecessary electricity during busy times and go into the next grid tariff for no reason.

This is exactly what you now get in the StrømKontroll panel in the Futurehome app. With this new function, you can easily get even more control over your electricity consumption in a smart way that also maintains the comfort of your home. You set up the settings in the panel once, adjust it so that each day fits into your schedule and can let the home manage its electricity consumption in a smart way. Smart power management is the essence of a truly smart house.

With the StrømKontroll panel, you can set the maximum power consumption and the system automatically disconnects the largest loads to avoid the high power peaks. The system chooses which loads it should disconnect first in order to stay within your limit values. At the same time, the system takes electricity prices into account and uses electricity when the price is below average. This is how you avoid letting your electricity consumption take control and avoid a bill that is far too high.

Saving electricity is important and is an advantage both for the wallet and the environment, but sometimes it is more important to be comfortable than to save the extra money. Then you can set up comfort time in the StrømKontoll panel. By choosing times of the day when comfort is to be prioritized, the thermostats will heat the home, while the system ensures that the maximum threshold is not exceeded by other larger loads being switched off during these times. This means that in the comfort hours the system still takes into account the desired maximum power consumption, but it takes less account of the spot prices because you have chosen that comfort should be prioritized during these hours.

After setting your preferences once, the system will now control your home in a smart way. This way you will be able to save both electricity and money on your electricity bill and at the same time have a more comfortable home. If you want more information about how you can set up the different parts of the StrømKontroll panel, you can take a look at our support article where we describe how you can optimize your consumption and habits. Read the support article here:ømKontroll- or read more about StrømKontroll at

To begin with, we want to focus on the products we know best in order to gain some experience with the brand new service. Going forward, we will also examine which devices it will be most important to add support for, through what is most used in our user base among other factors. We have done this to gain as much knowledge as possible and will then include product after product, instead of including “everything” to begin with and risking a bad user experience. Therefore, we would like your feedback if you have activated the Power Control panel. Send an email to with your feedback.

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