Find out how much you can save with the StrømKontroll calculator!

We have introduced StrømKontroll to help you take control over your energy usage, but we can also help you put together a package that meets your needs in you already have a Smarthub. This way you will still get the benefits of StrømKontroll, at the same time as you get a solution perfectly tailored to your needs. So how much can you save with StrømKontroll? Through a more efficient energy usage, you will avoid the high grid tariffs and higher electricity bills. In addition you will get money from the grant from Enova and can in total save thousands.

In StrømKontroll you will get products that help you gain full control over your energy consumption. By controlling your thermostats and your water boiler, while having a better overview of your total energy consumption, you can save money both on your electricity bill and grid tariff. With StrømKontroll you will get a Smarthubm a HAN-sensor, a smart thermostat and a puck relay. If you already have some of the products in the package the electrician can help you get started with the products you wish and can personalize the rest of your home if you want more devices. That way your home fits exactly your needs, while still having the same energy saving functions. In addition the package can be expanded by adding smart sockets, a smart ev-charger or other smart products.

S‍o how much can you actually save? On your electricity bill, through the Enova Grant and on the grid tariff. By controlling your home in a smart way, your energy usage can decrease month by month by moving the usage. Through the Enova support you can get 35% of the cost of the package refunded (read more about the grant here), up to 10 000 kr. Have you already gotten an EV charger installed in the past 20 months, or are considering getting one, StrømKontroll will almost pay for itself.

By evening out your consumption you will be able to decrease you electricity bill by thousands each year. You can use our new calculator to figure out just how much you might be able to save on your electricity bill. By inputing your region, grid company, size of your home, yearly energy usage and how many EV-chargers you have you will get an estimate of how much you can save on your electricity bill in a year. This is in addition to the support from Enova.

Now you have gotten some input on where and how you can save with StrømKontroll and what sort of alternate solutions that the electrician can help you with if you wish to decrease your energy usage in a smart way. Find out how much you can save by testing our calculator get started with StrømKontroll by contacting your local electrician!

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