Smart sockets from Futurehome

Smart sockets are a great way to control certain products in your home in a smart way, while devices that should always be plugged in work at any given time.

How do the power outlets work?

The smart power outlets from Futurehome have two sockets: one that is smart and one that is always on. This allows devices such as the internet router, TV, and speaker to always remain powered on, while panel heaters, small water boilers, and washing machines can be switched on and off as needed. Our smart power outlets have built-in power metering capabilities that provide real-time information about power consumption directly from the Futurehome app. This allows you to keep track of your energy usage and adjust settings in your home from anywhere in the world.

Smart heating for better comfort

The smart power outlets can help you set up a smart heating system without making major changes to your home. You can connect the panel heaters to the smart power outlets and switch to a smart thermostat to intelligently control the temperature. Due to the low profile of the power outlet, old outlets can be easily replaced without the need for rewiring. This makes the products easy to install for electricians and more cost-effective for you.

When the panel heater is connected to the smart power outlet and the thermostat is installed, the two devices work together to adjust the temperature. The thermostat has a built-in air sensor that detects room temperature and adjusts the panel heater according to your settings. These two devices are also connected to the entire Futurehome system and can be controlled in an energy-efficient manner.

Enhancing home safety in case of fire

A smart power outlet can also contribute to making your home a little safer in case of a fire. If the fire alarm from Futurehome is triggered, you can configure settings to turn off the power to the outlet where, for example, the washing machine or dishwasher is connected. This provides an extra sense of security in your daily life, as your home always feels safer.

Take care of the little things in everyday life

It’s easy to forget the small things when you’re on your way out the door. Did I remember to turn off the hair straightener? Is the coffee machine still on? Did I manage to forget to switch off the iron again? By connecting these small electrical devices to a smart power outlet, you can easily check and turn off the power directly from your app. This provides more peace of mind and convenience in your daily life.

Imagine that you can click to warm up the cabin

With panel heaters and smart thermostats communicating with each other, you can control the temperature in your home from anywhere in the world, whether it’s in your house or at the cabin. If you’ve been away or are on your way to the cabin, you can easily turn on the temperature along the way. This ensures that your home is comfortable exactly when you want it to be, without wasting unnecessary energy while you’re away.

Other advantages of smart power outlets

1. Smart power outlets have several benefits, but one that many people don’t think about is that the outlet expands your Zigbee network and further extends your smart home. This improves communication between the different smart devices in your home.

2. The power outlet has a capacity of 16A, which means it can handle loads such as dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, and smaller water heaters (please check with your electrician for specific use cases and load capacities the power outlet can handle).

3. The power outlet has built-in electrical and thermal protection, reducing the chances of the outlet overheating in case of a fault. This improves fire safety in the product and your home.

4. The power outlet also has a manual on/off switch that makes it easy to manually change the status of the outlet as needed.

5. Built-in power measurement provides full visibility into the energy consumption from the specific outlet, giving you better insight into your own usage.

6. The outlet fits into a standard wall box, both single-gang boxes and boxes for low outlets. Old sockets can be replaced without the need for rewiring, making it easy for electricians to install.

Smart sockets have multiple advantages that make the transition from regular power outlets to smart power outlets worthwhile for your household. Learn more about the recessed smart power outlet from Futurehome or the low-profile smart power outlet, or contact your local electrician for more information or installation.

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