Update: sdu-app 7.7.26

Our newest app release features updates that improve the sensitivity of the slider in the climate section of the app, the onboarding of Power Manager has been improved and implemented and the reconnect device option has been introduced as an additional function. In addition to this the household onboarding has been improved as well as automations conflicting with Power Manager will now be marked. Read the complete release notes below. Do you have any questions and want to ask our community? Check out our forum.

Main new features

– Seamless and informative onboarding for Power Manager
– Marking automations conflicted with Power Manager
– Reconnect device option from device additional functions
– Consents for contacting by Futurehome


– Easier household onboarding
– Suggest the country based on the country in the mobile phone
– Hide the list after choosing the country
– Information about Smarthub offline or already paired error
– More clear Smarthub updating screen
– Household name limit to 30 characters


– Change energy labels in device details
– Delete the account process is opening the prefilled email to support
– Indicate different value on room lights and shades sliders
– Hide system data under a separate section
– Separate delete button and make it red and logout black
– Change the error from “email registered” to “invalid login information”
– Reset password link visible only on login screen
– Change the message to use “email” in errors
– Hide the keyboard when tapped outside the text area
– Different subtitles for sign up and login
– Removed force unpair option – to unpair offline smarthub please contact support


– Automation on/off state not updated until user switches displays
– App fails to send MQTT opening the Yale Doorman
– Camera view for QR scanning gets blocked on some Android devices
– Can’t make automation with only EV charger connected to hub – Automation is triggered in vacation-mode – Adding devices process stuck in ‘Device found’ screen
– Missing translations
– DeviceDetailZwaveAssocDevicesErrorState appears, when user provides wrong value to associations group – Inability to toggle locks from home screen by long pressing the lock on Security Tile
– Typo in graphs for historical usage
– UI bug in circular progress bar
– Automation works in mode which was not chosen during configuration
– Screen shrink when clicking home button from the device details
– Error during changing type of device to “None”
– Changed language loading incorrectly
– Bad dashboard element layout blocking gestures
– Energy optimization threshold slider sometimes is badly aligned
– The sliders in the app are too sensitive

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