We went to Elektroimportøren to shop for smart home products

At Elektroimportøren you will find items to make your home smart, both with and without the help from an electrician. You can find a great selection of “do it yourself” products, and if you need help from an expert you will always get great advice and can get connected with an electrician. Check out our video here:

The first thing we did was to check out the smart home aisles

First of all we went to the aisles labeled smart home to see what smart products and systems we could find. We found everything from Phillips Hue to Namrom products and different devices that can be controlled with Bluetooth and Wifi, but what we looked for is the Futurehome Smarthub and products that communicate on Z-wave and Zigbee. The Futurehome Smarthub is the is the brain that makes the magic possible. It is equipped with Z-wave and Zigbee transmitters, so a tip for when you are out shopping is to see if the products are compatible. Are you in doubt, the staff at Elektroimportøren can help you.

Ola wants a LED strips with lighting under the kitchen counter

With smart houses from Futurehome, you can do a lot of exciting things with light. The lights can be controlled by voice through Google home or you can choose to have an LED strip with lights at the bottom of the kitchen counter. Perfect when you need a glass of water at night and don’t want to be blinded by the lights. Ola chose the Namron LED strip that runs on Zigbee, which he has checked in the supported products overview, so he knows that it works with Futurehome.

The smart home is not only in the aisles

Smart home devices are not only on the shelves at Elektroimportøren. We had a chat with one of the store employees, who helped us choose water leakage sensors and dimmers for our smart house. Elektroimportøren has a good selection of smart dimmers and other smart equipment behind the counter. Almost everything compatible and easy to include in Futurehome. If you are in doubt, you can always ask the staff.

Smart heating improves the comfort in your home

At Elektroimportøren, we found a large selection of electric radiators from different suppliers. This time we chose to go for Mill, because they can be connected to Futurehome through Playground. In Playground you can choose between several different integrations that can connect to various Wifi products, such as Mill electric radiators, Zaptec chargers and Sensibo Sky for heat pump control. Ola chose two Mill heaters, one to have in the windbreak and one for the lower floor.

Get started with your smart home today by checking our webshop and the range of smart components at Elektroimportøren.

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