Smart homes for everyone

futurehome simplifies how you experience everyday life by creating an accessible, safe and smart way of living. The only thing you need to get started is a Smarthub and an internet connection.

A system based on openness

In futurehome we believe the future belongs to open systems that can connect to third party products and applications. We developed our system based on Z-wave and Zigbee, the two most popular open standards in the smart home landscape. The future is open and inclusive, our system is designed to connect third party products, applications and integrations.

Create your own apps

In Futurehome we let you develop your own apps and features within our system. Create and run them locally on your smarthub or share them with the community. Read more about how we enable advanced users via Thingsplex, our own developer UI here.

Privacy first

We deeply care about our users privacy. We store as little data as possible. With fog computing we aim to reduce the amount of data transfer to the cloud for processing, analysis and storage. We manage and store most of your data locally in the Smarthub.

All to increase your privacy and user experience. This technology allows us to improve efficiency and security to a level that was not possible with yesterday's “cloud only” approach.

An API for a connected future

Imagine a future where most homes are smart, where entire communities are interconnected. Where we can cooperate across multiple systems, to optimize local energy distribution, share key incidents like fire, water leakage and burglar alarms. 
With our advanced API and smart home technology this future is already here. We are connected with energy partners like Tibber and we deliver smart home tech to entire communities like the Arca Nova project in Fredrikstad, Norway.

Supported system

Open and powerful

We built on powerful zigbee and z-wave wireless home automation protocols. This  enables you to connect hundreds of devices to your home from a wide range of suppliers.


Smart notifications: Get notified about important events  in your home.


futurehome runs on industry leading IoT infrastructure.

Overview and Automation

Dashboard, timers, modes, automations and logic engine. Astro timer. Finally.

Secure & private

Our communication protocols are encrypted to the highest industry standard.

API & Apps

We have an open API so you can play well with others.

Fog- Edge Computing

We optimized local and cloud computing for the most efficient and way to run your smarthome.

How one family transformed their home

When Telia decided to test their 5G network in Nydalen, they equipped a local family with our futurehome. Here's what happened:

Start with smart. Your partner in large and small IoT installations.

Our platform is used by Telia to deliver smart fire and water leak detection services to apartment complexes and town houses. Read more.

Ready to get started?

Need help?

Take a look at our support page You will find there articles that can help you solve your most common smart home related problems.