Brannvarsler (230V)

kr 1,900.00

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Brannvarsler (230V)

kr 1,900.00
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Onninen is one of the Nordic region’s leading electrical wholesalers, delivering over 120,000 electrical and plumbing items with lightning-fast delivery.


Elektroimportøren, a renowned Norwegian distributor, delivers a broad selection of electrical and lighting products, guaranteeing superior quality and exceptional service throughout the country.


Elektroskandia, a Swedish-rooted supplier, provides a vast selection of electrical equipment and solutions, serving customers with top-quality products and services throughout Norway.


Etman, a Norwegian company, offers an impressive range of in-house produced electronic equipment and plastic components at competitive prices across the country.


Solar Norge, a prominent electrical wholesaler, offers an extensive range of electrical goods and energy solutions, ensuring top-quality service and competitive prices throughout Norway.

Berrggård Amundsen

Berggård Amundsen, a seasoned Norwegian company, provides an expansive array of electrical equipment and services, delivering top-notch products and customer service nationwide.

How it may help you?


Speech function

In addition to the siren, speech feature increases the chance that people who require additional support or care might react to potential danger.


Scalability and shared protection

The smoke detectors can be connected in series to ensure that everyone and every room in the building will get the alarm.


Battery or 230V version

The batteries last for approximately three years. To ensure safety our smoke alarms warn when the battery is low.

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